April Meeting

March’s meeting was a great success talking about Brokeback Mountain, if you weren’t able to join us in March I hope you will be able to in April.

April Meeting – Tuesday 14th April 7.30pm at the usual central Cheltenham location, email for details cgmbg@outlook.com

This month’s book is The Spell by Alan Hollinghurst.

“Love, lust and loss among a group of middle-class gay Englishmen… Young and old, the town and the country, the wild and respectable: Holinghurst explores each of these uneasy conflicts with wit, generosity and sharply observed comedy” (Mail on Sunday)

Alex is an uptight 36-year-old Foreign Office man who suddenly falls for Danny, the 22- year-old son of his ex-lover’s new lover (are you following this?) The infatuation with Danny is as much an infatuation with the ecstasy-fuelled nightlife to which Danny introduces him, and it’s hardly a surprise when the relationship fizzles. But Alex is forced into confronting his desires and the novel ends leaving him unsure but at least taking stock and looking forward. The story veers wildly between an intoxicating London and a windswept, traditional Wessex, as if Hollinghurst can’t yet reconcile true rural Englishness with the possibilities afforded by cosmopolitan queer London. But there’s an honesty here that’s welcome after the (admittedly arousing) archness of his earlier work, and a real sense of facing up to life’s bigger questions. —Alan Stewart, Amazon

The Spell contains the most delicately sensuous portrait-painting…brilliant imagery…and hilarious cross-purpose jokes… Sentence by sentence the novel weaves its magic” (Independent)

“A masterpiece of sustained literary titillation” (The Times)

Available from Amazon from £0.01 second hand, or £8.99 new or £4.35 kindle.

I read it a few years back and am looking forward to re-reading it. Email if you’ve any questions or would like to be added to the emailing list for future months.

Hope to see you at the meeting!