April, May and June 2016 Book Group Meetings‏

Hi Everyone,

Here are details of the April, May and June books, thanks for the suggestions for May and June, Sol. They both look like interesting reads.

I’ve made a start on the Patrick Gale and it is shaping up to be a good one.

April meeting – Tuesday 12th April we’ll read “Rough Music” by Patrick Gale

May meeting – Tuesday 10th May, we’ll read “Lifted by the Great Nothing” by Karim Dimeshki

June meeting – Tuesday 14th June, we’ll read “Guapa” by Saleem Haddad

If you have any suggestions for summer reads then let me know or post them on the facebook page and we can make a choice from them. If you want to join the facebook group you can find it at CGMBG – if it doesn’t come up in a search let me know and I will add you using your email address.

Best wishes